What Our Students Have To Say About Us

We are a family run academy which provides a friendly, welcoming environment to train, with classes to suit the needs of everyone- all ages, all abilities. Whether you want to train at a competitive level or just for fun, fitness or self defence, our highly skilled coaches are here to help you achieve your goals.

With over 30 years experience in martial arts, Professor Rich sets out to bring out the very best in each and every student. Along with his partner, Paula, and excellent coaching team, they strive to give you the very best all round training experience.

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation as a highly successful martial arts school; not only developing martial arts skills, but providing support to help develop confidence, self esteem and personal growth.

Read some of our testimonials to see what our members have to say.

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I cannot thank the Gracie Barra team enough

My (now 13 yr old) son has been going to boxing and Thai boxing for a while now and I cannot thank the Street Gracie Barra team enough. They teach so much more than martial arts – the community and sense of belonging for young people is incredible. They genuinely care about the welfare of the kids (and adults too!) and go above and beyond. My son absolutely loves his sessions and to say they have been important in his development/wellbeing is an understatement. I would give them the highest of recommendations.

Gracie Barra Street is a fantastic school

What a fantastic place! Professor Rich gives his all for his students, helping all those who need it. He puts in so much effort into this school to make it top notch, and has got it there.

Before I started Jiu-Jitsu I was sure it wasn’t going to be something for me, I wasn’t comfortable with what I thought of as martial art (I had tried Karate for 1 lesson and never went back) and was more comfortable with Yoga. I tried for one lesson, just so i could say i have tried it and would never go back, and I have been a member for 2 years and counting.

The students – there is such a community spirit among the students. We have become a family, such an overused saying but in this case never more true. Where else but in a family can you ‘fight’ then immediately go back to laughing and having fun with no consequence. We look out for each other, offer helping hands to new members and advice to those who need it.

There are some days that you don’t want to come and train, because you have had a bad day at work, or a headache, or are just feeling lazy. But somehow you always seem to end up on the mat and always leave with a smile on your face, having learnt something new and spent time with friends.

Basically, what I’m trying to say, Gracie Barra Street is a fantastic school, with brilliant students which make it one of the best places to spend an evening, learning an extremely useful skill that can be used for self defence as well as BJJ fights.

  • helen-c
  • Helen Christie
Outstanding Instructors

If you want Matial Arts in the surounding Areas covering MMA, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then this is the place to hit up for sure. Outstanding Instructors with a super clean, safe and professional enviroment and superb value for money. What more could you ask for?

  • stuart-kingston
  • Stuart Kingston
a friendly family atmosphere

Great place to be a part of, one of the best things I’ve done. Professor Rich and the coaches are excellent teachers. Rich and Paula have created a friendly family atmosphere. An important and beneficial part of the community.

  • james-b
  • James Bennett
Outstanding Gym

Outstanding Gym, extremely clean with a fantastic safe and family environment to train.

Jiu Jitsu teaches not just martial arts, but a way of life, problem solving and self defence. I would recommend this gym and art to all.

  • ben-s
  • Ben Scott
she is amazing with all the youngsters

My 3 year old son has just started the Tiny Champs sessions twice a week. He has really enjoyed it so far and watching one session with Paula there completely put me at ease as she is amazing with all the youngsters! Highly recommend!

  • koryl-c
  • Koryl Callen
great atmosphere with great people

I would highly recommend! From the first time I went it was a great atmosphere with great people.

Extremely knowledgeable coaching staff who have a real passion for what they do. If you want to learn a fantastic martial art and meet some great people… This is for you.

  • Tom Giles
10/10, fantastic

I’ve been attending clases here for almost 3 years, and considering that martial arts academies can carry an intimidating atmosphere, Rich and Paula have done an amazing job of creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

From 45kg ladies to 100kg men, everyone is only too willing to help in any way they can, which makes it a joy to spend time there.

I enrolled my son in the kid’s classes when he was 3 (I was worried that he might be too little, but Rich assured me that the main purpose of the Kids’ class was for him to have fun and burn some energy) and the difference in him since attending is night and day! He’s gone from being quite shy to bounding with confidence, and he the only thing he loves more than going to classes are the new friends he’s made (He asks if he can go to Jiu Jitsu most nights!)

If you’re even considering giving it a go, I can’t recommend GB Street highly enough – Rich and Paula are happy to answer any questions via message/email before you attend, and you won’t regret reaching out!

10/10, fantastic.

  • ben-c
  • Ben Carter
kind, patient and passionate for jiu-jitsu

Been training here for nearly 5 years and still 100% loving every minute. Professor rich is a fantastic instructor, who is kind, patient and passionate for jiu-jitsu etc and thus has a huge impact on everyone who comes in the academy doors. It’s a family friendly environment. You will in as an individual and walk out as a family member.

Definitely come along and learn new life skills, you won’t regret it!

  • kirstie-a
  • Kirstie Attwood
Go above & beyond for all of the students

Me and my kids have been coming here for two years now. The kids absolutely love it and their confidence has grown lots since coming, not only do they learn jiu jitsu but get good advice in life in general. We had tried other gyms before here but after one session we were all hooked. All of the Students have been really helpful and friendly. Prof Rich, Paula and the rest of the assistant coaches are really welcoming and go above and beyond for all of the students.

  • martin-b
  • Martin Ballinger