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There’s always something happening! Seminars, workshops, competitions, fun days and social events are all part of our itinerary.

As well as our day to day training, we strive to provide you with the best experiences to enhance your training and to strengthen our team ethos!

IMG_2897 Black Belt Promotion 4th December 2023

Huge congratulations to Stu on earning his Black belt!

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BD01D419-0CCF-4DC1-9C41-FD535F18F388 Gracie Barra Success 10th November 2023

Gracie Barra comes out on top, yet again, at the BJJ Somerset Open 2023!

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A849C402-D308-4421-AE86-5FA928EFAA40 Grandmaster Sken Seminar 16th October 2023

An amazing morning of Muay Thai with Grandmaster Sken!

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51911A70-5BBF-492D-8820-287422C3D1EF Kids Summer Fun Days 3rd July 2023

Contact us to book a place

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0426B644-CE8A-405F-837E-00B7128A05B8 Professor Marcão Barros Seminar 22nd March 2023

Book Now! Places are limited and you will not want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

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E49F142D-0CB4-4335-AC45-988CCFC9DE6F Kids Easter Fun Days 22nd March 2023

Our popular Kids Easter Fun days are now open for bookings!

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D21E5F80-812E-452B-953E-C49A3D7717B6 8 Limbs Fighting Championship 4th November 2022

8 Limbs Fighting Championship – Somerset Showdown December 3rd, Strode College Sports Hall, Street

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80859451-8098-46EE-80B1-EE3067005255 Professor Draculino Seminar 4th November 2022

Professor Draculino Seminar, 7th November 2022

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D894FF27-8DC3-49E1-8008-0D5B92FCD7AA NoGi Interclub 6th October 2022

We are holding our first NoGi Submission only interclub competition on November 12th

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