Stuart Kingston

Coach - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Stuart is a highly experienced martial artist, having a background in Judo, Sambo, Traditional Japanese and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

His vast knowledge and experience in these arts make him an awesome part of our coaching team!

He is a black belt in Traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu and a 5th dan Black belt in Judo, gaining his black belt in 1986.

He is currently a member of the GB Masters squad in sport Sambo with the British Sambo Federation.

He gained his Black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Gracie Barra in December 2023.

As well as coaching at the academy, Stu trains hard and competes often in all areas of his martial arts. He is also a highly respected referee and is often called upon to ref at many national competitions due to his excellent reputation and experience within this area.

As well as being fully qualified as an ICP Gracie Barra coach, he also holds a UKCC level 3 certification in coaching and sports performance. His drive and initiative to continually develop not only his own performance, but also his coaching of others is outstanding.