Phillip Arthur

Coach/Kru - Boxing & Thai Boxing

Phil coaches our hugely popular Teen and Adults’ Boxing and Thai Boxing sessions.

He is a highly experienced martial artist, having trained and competed in Boxing, Thai boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also trained in Aikido and MMA.

His success as a coach is reflected in the popularity of his classes and the high success rate of the athletes he trains, and corners in competitions.

His calm, patient approach coupled with his attention to detail and high expectations are what make him stand out as an instructor of the highest calibre.

Phil began ABA boxing at the age of 11 and has continued to enjoy training whilst furthering his skill set by branching out into coaching.

He is passionate about sharing his love of the ‘striking’ arts, his knowledge and expertise to help others reach their full potential.

In 2022 he completed the Ricky Hatton Elite boxing course to become certified as an Elite instructor.

He has been Training in Thai Boxing since 2013 and, in early 2022 he received his Kru status from Kru Matt Follain, from the Master Sken lineage.

2022 – a year of great achievements- Phil also received his Brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from Professor Rich under Gracie Barra Professors Salvatore Pace and Carlos Lemos jnr.