Paula Squibbs

Programme Director, Safeguarding Lead & Coach

Paula is our Programme director & Safeguarding Lead at the academy and a Coach in our Kids’ classes.

She is currently a 4th degree Blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also trains in boxing.

Paula left her 23 year career in teaching in 2019 to join Professor Rich at the academy, taking on the role of Programme Director and hasn’t looked back since!

At this time, she also began her own training in jiu-jitsu and boxing to give her a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of these arts.

With a passion for teaching and working with children, she soon took on the role of assistant coach in the children’s classes and now leads the Tiny Champions and children’s activity days.

Paula comes with an excellent reputation in the world of education and has a wealth of experience in teaching, management and safeguarding which she now brings to her role at the academy.