Jamie Lloyd

Coach - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Jay is currently a Brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He is an ICP certified instructor and coaches the kids, Teens and Adult GB1 and 2 classes.

He joined our team back in 2015 when he was posted to the area with his job as a sergeant Major in the British Army.

Jay has spent his entire life training multiple Martial art disciplines. He started boxing as a young boy and fought amatuer bouts both civilian and military. He has also trained as a kickboxer and luter Livre (nogi) wrestler, and has competed on the European Professional MMA circuit many times with a positive record.

In Jay’s own words, “I came to Gracie Barra Street to see what all the BJJ hype was about, and to improve my MMA ground game. I was instantly hooked after one class and have never looked back“.

Coach Jay was amongst the very first students to begin training under Professor Rich. Since then he has grown from strength to strength in his own training, and excels in his role as a coach. His passion for the sport comes across clearly in his teaching. His high expectations and levels of discipline along with his clear, concise explanations, ensure that he brings out the very best in all our students.