AJ Weatherall

Junior Coach - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

AJ started training Jiujitsu at the academy the age of 5 and has been brought up around jiujitsu all his life.

Having Professor Rich as his dad, jiujitsu was always part of his ‘play’ from a very young age.

He is currently a Blue belt and trains in both the Teens and GB1 classes.

AJ helps to lead the Tiny Champs Classes along with his mum, Coach Paula, and assists in coaching the kids classes.

AJ is an excellent example of how Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be used to overcome bigger, stronger opponents- the very reason Helio Gracie created BJJ. Physically smaller than many of his teammates, AJ’s flexibility and techniques stand him in great stead. Of all the people Professor Rich has rolled with in his 20+ years of bjj, no one can execute a rear naked choke as successfully as AJ!