Adult & Kids Boxing Classes

A classic combat sport on its own, but also an excellent addition for any Mixed Martial Arts practitioner. Enriched with history and tradition, boxing attracts the biggest following of any combat sport.

Our boxing training teaches how to throw punches with power and efficiency while mastering footwork and movement. Our classes provide an excellent workout; developing strength, endurance alongside learning the skills of this popular combat sport.

All of our classes are taught by highly experienced, fully qualified instructors. They cater for the needs of all levels of student, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, or whether you want to train for fun, fitness or to compete. Our instructors will help you work towards your own personal goals. Our classes are split into Kids (5yrs-11yrs) Teens(12yrs-16yrs) Adults (17yrs and above).

Many people start with us as a way of trying something new, learning self defence skills or to generally get fit. Boxing is an excellent way of keeping in shape and improving your fitness levels!

If you do want to compete, we work hard to prepare you, ensuring that these opportunities are available to you when you are ready. We currently have a number of students who compete regularly and our success rate as a club is something we are very proud of!

Hygiene is of of utmost importance to us at the academy, for this reason we do not loan out boxing gloves. Members will be expected to provide their own gloves. For safety reasons, those wishing to spar, will be expected to equip themselves with a gum shield and groin guard also.


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